Update to incident at Warsaw Chemical

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management says work in Winona Lake has been concluded following the chemical fire and spill at Warsaw Chemical on Friday.

Methanol from an outdoor tank combined with water and drained into Winona Lake.

A private contractor working with Warsaw Chemical used an aerator for several days to inject oxygen into the water and help dissipate the chemical.

IDEM said Tuesday the work on Winona Lake has concluded and the aeration has been discontinued.

Staff members say the lake is clear and the level of dissolved oxygen is very good.

They have not seen any dead or affected fish or birds.

The environmental contractor will remove solid waste as needed, including 36,000 gallons of liquid waste collected in frac tanks, some affected snow that has been stock piled in containment, as well as booms, dike sand, and products and/or materials that were damaged in the fire.

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