Urgent care clinic expands to help the uninsured

GOSHEN, Ind. – Many people don’t get proper health care because they don’t have insurance, and in the combined Goshen-Elkhart area that number sits at just under 40,000 people that are uninsured. An urgent care clinic called The Center for Healing and Hope is hoping to help those people with visits to the doctor and health resources.

"We see people who are uninsured and have nowhere else to go,” said Clinical Nurse Alice Shenk.
The clinic is opening its third location in Elkhart on Wednesday, and the clinic said there’s no question the demand is there.
"Last year we saw about 3,000 patients and turned away 500, so obviously there are a lot of people that need to be seen,” said Patient Advocate Vanessa Hershberger.
For the people who use the clinic, they said they don’t know what they would do without the help.
"Without having this service available we wouldn’t have the chance of getting any kind of treatment at all,” said Beverly Crowder.
The clinic gets a lot of support from volunteers and said it is always in need of more, especially doctors and nurses who can give their time.
The clinic’s three locations are now at Christian Fellowship at 423 East Jefferson Street, Goshen, Grace Lutheran Church at 831 West Marion Street, Elkhart, and the newest location at Belmont Mennonite Church and Community Center at 925 Oxford Street, Elkhart.
Here is a link to the Center for Health and Hope’s website complete with clinic hours. http://www.chhclinics.org

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