US Coast Guard: Air may be warm, but the water is not

The Coast Guard is giving a friendly reminder to those who are enjoying the outdoors and the Great Lakes this spring: The air temperatures might be warm, but the water is still very cold. 

While temperatures have soared near 80 degrees in parts of the Midwest, lake temperatures are still low enough to cause hypothermia.

The Coast Guard reported responding to dozens of calls for boaters in distress over the weekend. That includes four people who were rescued from the dangerously cold waters. 

“As the air temperatures continue to get warmer, it’s important to remember that the water temperature throughout the Great Lakes is still very cold and dangerous," said Commander Leanne Lusk, search and rescue coordinator for Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. 

Lusk adds that anyone who wants to enjoy the lakes should dress accordingly for the water temperature because hypothermia can set in quick. 

Coast Guard Officials say other tips such as wearing life vests, checking weather conditions, and using the buddy system are highly recommended for staying safe on the waters. 

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