US District Court warns of email scam

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Scammers are currently using the United States District Court Northern District of Indiana’s name to trick people into clicking a potentially harmful internet link.

The Clerk’s Office began receiving phone calls from individuals who have been sent emails informing them that they had been issued a subpoena on Friday, the court said. This email urged recipients to click a link.

However, federal courts do not issue subpoenas through email, the release stated. Anyone receiving a legitimate court document will receive it through physical mail. The court urged to not click on any link included from an unknown sender.

Residents who believe they have been victims of the scam are encouraged to report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission at

Additionally, the court provided information on things to remember, who to call and what to do if you are contacted by a scammer:

  • Do not give out any personal or financial information to unknown callers, including those who claim to work for a government agency.
  • A court will never ask for a credit/debit card number, gift card number, wire transfer or bank routing number over the phone by email for any purpose.
  • Do not click on links sent by an unknown sender.
  • Official government emails will be sent from the email address.
  • A fine will never be given until after an individual has appeared in court and been allowed to explain a failure to appear.
  • Report scams to Federal Trade Commission.
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