U.S. House District 2 race results, candidates weigh in

NOW: U.S. House District 2 race results, candidates weigh in

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Four candidates went head to head on Tuesday for the 2nd district congressional seat, currently held by Jackie Walorski, a member of the Republican party.

The two candidates vying for the seat in the fall are Jackie Walorski and Pat Hackett, according to the Associated Press.

Walorski and Hackett weighed in on their vision for the future of the district.

“I will represent all the people of this district—Democrats, Republicans, Independents—all of us, in our rich diversity,” Pat Hackett said. “Because that’s what makes our district, our state of Indiana and indeed our nation so great is when we can come together from a perspective of principle and shared values.”

“I take every single person seriously and represent them, and I’ve got their back,” Jackie Walorski said, Congresswoman, Indiana’s 2nd District. “And I’m excited about leading our folks together—there—into the successful world again.”

The two candidates are looking ahead to November when they go head to head for the 2nd district congressional seat.

Democrat Pat Hackett and Republican Jackie Walorski were declared the winners of Tuesday’s primary by the Associated Press.

While the two candidates may hold different positions for many issues, one common topic that came up Tuesday was health care and protecting those working the front lines.

“I’m working every day for our district, making sure that, you know, we continue to get everything that our health care workers need,” Walorski said.

“Health care is a huge issue in our district and I think that health care is a right, not a privilege,” Hackett said. “Jackie Walorski and I are very different on that.”

The pair certainly agreed on one thing—everything they are doing, they are doing the people of the district.

“This is my genuine desire to be the advocate of the people of this district,” Hackett said. “So, I would be privileged to serve the people of this district and that’s my heart’s desire. And we’re going to succeed in November.”

“My sense of optimism for the future is really uncontainable right now because I know the direction we’re going,” Walorski said. “I know what’s happening right here at home and I know what we’re doing to get us there.”

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