Luke Messer nominates President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

NOW: Luke Messer nominates President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize


Greenfield, Ind. — could President Donald Trump soon join a select group of U.S. presidents to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

In between campaigning for himself, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Luke Messer is now looking to stump for President Trump.

“Events on the Korean peninsula are extraordinary and I do believe Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Messer.

Thursday, the congressman submitted a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee nominating Trump for his efforts in denuclearizing the peninsula.

It was also signed by 17 other House Republicans.

“He is demonstrating strength on the world stage and dictators like the North Korean leader are recognizing it,” said Messer.

His letter comes after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un agreed to work with South Korean President Moon Jae-In.

But is this peace something that we can expect to be long-term?

“You’re right in Ronald Regan territory of you might trust but you better verify,” said George A. Lopez, professor emeritus of Peace Studies at Notre Dame. “The track record of the North Koreas with [South Korea] or the U.S. is not outstanding.”

While history tells a different story, Prof. Lopez believes a few things are different now.

 Kim Jong-Un is now the leader of the nation and he potentially has a functional nuke.

He says the dictator has a lot of leverage this time around.

“If he’s interested in the United States curtailing threatening military exercises, he’s got some things, he’s got his own side of chips that’s much more substantial,” said Prof. Lopez.

So should the nomination committee wait until after the President Trump’s pending summit with the North Korean leader?

ABC 57 News asked Congressman Messer if it was too soon to celebrate.

“I’ll say this there have been 70 years of war on the Korean peninsula,” he said. “President Obama got a Peace Prize for a little more than running a glamorous campaign for president. President Trump actually brought these two parties together.”

If President Trump is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize he would be the fifth president to receive the honor.

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