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Using A.C. and keeping the gas bill in mind

It is going to be hot this weekend, and no doubt you'll want to turn up the air conditioning every time you hop in the car, but there are ways to use the A.C. that will save you gas money.

1. When you hop in the car, open up the windows and drive with the windows down to let the heat out, and then turn on the A.C.. This will take less energy to cool down the car.

2. You can roll down the windows while driving at lower speeds, but roll up the windows when driving on the highway, because open windows create an aerodynamic lag.

3. A.C. does not work as well while parked, so turn it on once you are driving to minimize the time it takes to cool down the car.

4. Invest in a sunshade for the windshield. They really work.

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