Van Buren County Sheriff nominated for national award

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Ind. – Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott was nominated for an award by the National Sheriff’s Association. The award will be presented at a conference in Tampa, Florida.

The conference will take place from February 8-11. The conference recognizes Sheriffs around the country for their excellence in law enforcement and community involvement.

Among Sheriff Abbott’s list of accomplishments includes:

  • Bringing in additional K9 units
  • Assisting dive teams for water rescues at inland lakes
  • Enacting key personnel changes
  • Implementing Forgotten Man Ministries in county jails
  • Partnering with other law enforcement departments to battle drug problems in the county
  • Achieving a “no kill” status for 2 past the past 3 years for the Animal Control Unit
  • Mentoring and providing guidance to young people who are in struggling situations
  • Giving back to the community through fundraising efforts

Sheriff Abbott says he would like to the citizens of Van Buren County who have supported him. He also says that he is grateful for the nomination.

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