Vet clinic evacuated because of gas leak

The Plymouth Veterinary Clinic on E. Jefferson was evacuated Tuesday because of a gas leak.

The leak was caused when construction crews hit a gas main around 11 a.m.

Vet tech Madison Loving says she and several coworkers heard the faint sound of gas escaping a valve.

“The sound the gas was making as it came out of the line it was shhhhh,” said Loving.

They called 9-1-1 and were told to evacuate.

They were able to get 10 cats, 22 dogs on leashes and 20 employees outside within 15 minutes.

“There were still people in the building for appointments and we had to ask them we will just send you your bill, you can take care of it later, here are your meds. We need to get you guys out and then we need to get our animals out," said Loving.

The gas line was repaired around 1:30 and the clinic was able to reopen.

Some appointments were kept, but some people had to reschedule appointments.

“We did really good I think. We are proud of ourselves. But probably going to be playing catch up the rest of the day," said Loving.

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