Mother questions defense's continuation in molestation case

NOW: Mother questions defense’s continuation in molestation case

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- A St. Joseph County mom is demanding an explanation after the man charged with molesting her then 13-year-old daughter asked for his sentenced to be pushed back.

The suspect, Adrian Vasquez, is in the National Guard. His defense attorney says Vasquez just wants to keep serving his country.
But the victim and her mother say that’s exactly the problem they want addressed.

“We want to know how he’s still in the National Guard,” says the victim’s mother. “How does he still have the right to wear that uniform that people have the honor and die for?”

This mother, wished to remain anonymous for her daughter’s sake. She says they have been waiting far too long for justice.
“We want to get beyond this and yet again he’s come up with a way that we can’t go.”

A police report from the summer of 2014 explains that then, 21-year-old Adrian Vasquez had sexual intercourse with the victim, who was 13 at the time.

“I want him to get dishonorably discharged and go to prison,” says the mother.

During the hearing, mom testified and explained why she thinks Vasquez should not be honorably discharged from his military service, given that her father served for 30 years.

“To think he’s going to be able to put on that uniform and aid these people like some national hero knowing that he violated the granddaughter of a Master Chief is just sickening,” she says.

Vasquez plead guilty to an added count of Child Solicitation, a Level 5 felony. 
“Adrian should’ve lost that privilege, that honor, the moment the violated my child,” says the victim’s mother.

Defense Attorney Stan Wruble asked the judge for either a continuance or for the sentencing to take place after his National Guard termination date.

Meanwhile, the mother says at this point her attorney could not give her an explanation. “They didn’t know he was still in the National Guard, so it’s up in the air even if the National Guard knows what he got charged with and has pleaded guilty to.”

Vasquez was activated for deployment to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and it’s unknown if he will be re-activated again to aid those in Hurricane Irma. His estimated termination date is February 20, 2018.

The judge has asked the defense for more proof before making a decision. Everyone is due back in court on October 11 at 8:30 a.m.

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