Victims of domestic violence speak out against attacker

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Wednesday a South Bend judge sentenced Randy Jones to 18 months in jail.

Jones pleaded guilty to residential entry and invasion of privacy eight weeks ago, but had been free until today.

The woman, who said Jones repeatedly beat her, contacted ABC 57 News back in February and spoke for the first time publicly about the violent abuse.

After our first story aired several women, who say they were also victims of Jones, reached out to the woman in the story.

A stack of police documents, as thick as a phone book, includes numerous tales of abuse at the hands of Randy Jones.

The offenses are all  from Berrien County and include several charges of stalking and invasion of privacy.

His criminal history dates back to high school and all his victims that have come forward say they want to make sure he never hurts another woman.

These women did not know each other until they met at ABC 57, but they all have one thing in common-- they, or their loved ones, say they were abused  by Randy Jones.

"They all read like a book. Like the same book, just different names," said a friend of one of the victims.

"I feel like this last year and a half, I've had my life robbed and taken away from me," says Jones' latest victim Carla Carr-Scarberry.

However, some of the other women in the group of four still do not want to be named.

Each of them says they were hit with a wave of anger, frustration and horror when they saw the story, about the beatings Carr-Scarberry suffered.

"Suddenly there is his face, big as life. I listened to the story and recognized that story. My friend had been there, my friend had been that person," says one of the women.

Carr-Scarberry's story left all the women frustrated that Jones has been able get away with violent abuse for over 20 years.

"I was just so angry and upset because this has been allowed to go so long. Also, I just felt so bad for [Carla] the victim just knowing. I just knew what she was going through," said one of Jones' other victims, Lori Opichka.

As Carla and Lori sat next to the other women, as they talked about others who are still hiding and too afraid to speak out against Jones.

A fear Carla knows all to well, "I sleep with a loaded gun, a panic button, three phones and an alarm system. This is not the way to live".

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