Vigil held for South Bend man stabbed to death on Sunday

NOW: Vigil held for South Bend man stabbed to death on Sunday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Raw emotions were among a crowd on Haney and Marine Street in South Bend on Monday night. 

The family and friends of Trey Martinez, 27, cried, lit candles, and held each other close in the exact spot South Bend police officers found Martinez’s body Sunday morning. Autopsy results from Monday show Martinez died after he was stabbed in the neck. 

His death has been ruled homicide. 

“For us not to be able to see him it’s taken effect on a lot of us,” said Amelia Montana, a family member. 

An effect on friends, cousins, and Martinez’s father, who showed up at tonight’s vigil. His father was overcome with emotion left the vigil before the media could ask him questions. 

On Monday, St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit continued its investigation into Martinez’s death. Investigators focused on a home, less than a block from where police discovered the body of Martinez. 

“I was one of the last to talk to Trey,” said a friend of Martinez. “He was supposed to come over supposed to show up now I know why.” 

The family of Martinez told ABC 57 News about the 27-years-old’s last hours. They said Martinez watched the University of Notre Dame’s football game at 3:30 p.m. 

Later, due to a power outage on Saturday night, Martinez left to take his four-year-old son to the boy’s mom’s house. A friend said Martinez made plans to visit her afterward. 

However, this friend along with the family we spoke with said they did not see him again until just after 7:30 a.m. on Sunday when Martinez’s body was discovered. 

“We shouldn’t be standing here,” said a friend of Martinez. “We should be standing with him alive not dead.”

On Monday, Martinez’s son was among the crowd stood in the spot his father was found.

“He’s like okay,” said Montana. “But he still wants to see his dad and he can’t.”

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