Violent fight caught on camera at Knox High School has parents asking questions

KNOX, Ind. --- A disturbing video of a fight at Knox High School has parents questioning the way the situation was handled by school officials.

The shocking video is making its rounds online. It shows a student kicking and punching another student in the head.

A Knox High School parent who did not wish to be identified told ABC57 following the incident an announcement was made over the intercom telling students they are not to record videos without permission.

She doesn’t feel as if the right problems are being addressed at the school and they want something done about it.

“It’s almost like you’re going to punish the ones the tape it but not the ones that do. You’re saying us Redskins are 100% anti-bullying? Well let’s back it up and do it.”

The response from school officials also has Jennifer Sanchez, the mother of the child who’s seen in the video throwing punches, also questioning the schools response.

“It’s because they don’t want the school to be seen in a bad light,” Sanchez said. “They do not want it known that they allow the kids to say and do whatever they want and then these are the actions that get taken. They need to stop it in the midst before it even gets that far.

In a statement to ABC57, the superintendent of Knox schools said a police report was filed and that legal charges are now in the hands of the police.

Sanchez said her son has been suspended for 10 days and could be facing permanent expulsion. She believes the disciplinary action is warranted but expulsion or not, she’s going to be pulling her children from Knox schools.

“I am withdrawing my kids. We’ve only been here for two years and we thought this was a peaceful town but it’s far some peaceful,” Sanchez said.

ABC57 also spoke with the mother of the child who was getting hit in the video. She said her child is completely okay after the fight. She has concerns about the bullying going on at the school as well but that her child will be returning.

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