Virus posing as FBI holding Michiana computers as ransom

We hear about them all the time, computer viruses that wreak havoc on personal devices. 

The latest is going from screen to screen, and in Indiana claims to be the FBI and innocent people are losing money trying to get rid of it.

"There is the money pack virus, there is the FBI virus," said C&P Distributing service tech manager Joe Canarecci.

It has many names, but this virus is always after the same thing, your wallet.  It is called the FBI virus.  

"They try and hijack the usability of your computer," said Canarecci.

It will claim you are doing something illegal online such as viewing pornography or downloading free movies.  Then it will tell you to buy a prepaid card at a convenient store to pay a fine and your computer will be unlocked.

"They completely block out the functionality of your computer and then they hold it ransom by making you pay some sum of money," said Canarecci.

But this is not the FBI catching you in the act.  It is scamers stealing your money and paying them will not get rid of the virus.  It may unlock your computer, but the infection is still there and it can be more dangerous.

"One they release the ransom, you could be a victim of a key logger like identity theft," said Canarecci. 

Canarecci said this virus is an international problem.  It is hitting people hard here in Indiana. 

"We might see six, 10, 12 in a single day," said Canarecci. 

This prevalent problem can be expensive to fix.  It can cost anywhere from $45-120  to get rid of the virus.

"Lots of money these guys are making. Viruses are a hugely profitable industry these days."

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