Voters react to the 2020 Election

NOW: Voters react to the 2020 Election

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --“Oh my goodness, please do not ever happen again,” said Jake Little. 

The 2020 presidential election has many voters like Little on edge. After breaking records for voter turnout, now days after election day, there is still no official outcome. Because of this, many voters say the wait is causing stress.

“In my living memory, I really don’t ever remember having to wait to hear the results, but also every night at like three a.m. I wake up to refresh the results because I am so anxious about it,” said Anna Ortega. 

Other voters say the waiting game is part of the process.   

“However, I can understand how they are a little queasy about the process and legitimacy of the actual mail-in ballots. I mean we have had record numbers, a hundred something million mail in ballots like never before seen unprecedented voter turnout,” said Mitchell Brown.

“Every vote should count and we should just be patient and see this one out,” said Rich Marten.   

“I do think we need to hear both sides out and let them play out and follow the laws and things like that,” said Jackson Oxler. 

The 2020 Election has been one of the tightest races in history. Many say this race is a testament to democracy.

“I think it is a test of democracy and the fact that we have had a record turnout for most Americans it means that democracy is working,” said Suman Datta.   

“Ya know we would love to see a 269 to 269 tie and go to the house that would be pretty cool to see,” said Brown.   

“I do think it shows Democracy is working because it is so close,” said Eddie Davis. 

Some say they are hopeful for the future following this historical election.

“Hopefully after this we can come back together as a country and move forward,” said Little. 

“Let’s just have a transition of power so we can just move forward,” said Holman.  

One voter was able to summarize what the election means to him in one simple word.

“Epic,” said Marten.   

There are no official results yet for the Presidential Election but stick with us both on-air and online as we continue our 2020 Election Coverage.

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