Voters endure long lines to vote early in Indiana

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Voters brave the long lines in order to vote early.

Despite the occasionally long lines, lots of voters have turned out early in St. Joseph County.

Election officials told ABC57 News that there were 823 people who voted on Monday, the final day of early voting in Indiana.

That number combined both the Mishawaka and South Bend voting locations.

"My schedule didn't permit to come tomorrow, but it's just a great opportunity to come out since I can't come out tomorrow. So early voting really works for me,” said voter Monica Harmon. "We all have the opportunity to come out, let our voice be heard about the things that matter to us, that matter to our children, that matter to our families."

Overall, between absentee and early voting, those two locations have gotten more than 21,000 ballots so far.

Early voter turnout has greatly risen compared to the midterms four years ago.

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