Voters head to polls for municipal elections

ELKHART, In – Voters changed their morning routines, heading to the polls for elections across Michiana Tuesday.

Schools, churches, and other locations were busy with residents casting their ballots in local elections.

Workers at Beardsley Elementary School, on McPherson Street in Elkhart, said operations went smoothly Tuesday morning.

Voters told ABC 57 the mayoral race has been a hot topic recently in the city.

Democrats have been in control of the mayor’s office and city council since 2007.

Some residents who vote Democrat, like Linda Longerbon, said they voted the same way they did four years ago.

“I already decided it was Dick Moore. Because I like David Ashe too, but Dick’s been doing a good job and he’s helped us a couple of times in some tricky things ,” said Longerbon.

Incumbent Dick Moore has served as the city’s mayor for four years, and has 30 years of experience with city government. Moore is a former Elkhart Fire Chief and Street Commissioner.

Other voters, like June Dickerson, said they did not vote for Moore, and instead hope Republican David Ashe wins the seat. Dickerson said she disagrees with how Moore has been spending taxpayer dollars.

“It’s always easier to spend somebody else’s money, and I believe character is revealed when you have somebody else’s money, and it’s not yours. And I believe that he’s just made really poor choices,” said Dickerson.

Ashe is a U.S. Army Veteran, county councilman, and former city councilman.

Libertarian Oscar Gibson is also on the ticket. The local businessman ran as an Independent in 2007.

Polls close at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Stay with ABC 57 for continuing coverage and the latest poll results.

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