Voters react to Democratic primary shakeup

NOW: Voters react to Democratic primary shakeup

By Sam Cabral

ARLINGTON, Va. – The presidential race started with more than two dozen Democratic candidates, but now you can count those left on just one hand.

Two major candidates, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, have dropped out since the weekend and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden.

These endorsements are a boost for Biden, who revived his fortunes in the race with a big win in South Carolina, and might help him catch up to front-runner Bernie Sanders.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg also appears on Ballots for the first time, but moderate voters in Virginia say the dropouts and endorsements make their choice clearer.

“Fewer people to choose from makes it a little bit easier. I wish there were even fewer people,” voter Tara Brown said.

Virginia voters who arrived to cast their ballot today received one that listed 14 candidates, but nine of them have already dropped out.

Early voters faced this same problem, with about 30 thousand Virginians that sent in absentee ballots.

Candidates must reach at least 15 percent of the vote by final count, because candidates that don’t hit that mark will receive zero delegates.

99 delegates are up for grabs in the Virginia primary, but the nominee must reach a total of 1,991.

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