Voters to decide on Lake Michigan College millage issue in November

When voters in Southwest Michigan head to the polls this November, they won't just be voting for a president. Some important issues are on the ballot, including a millage request for Lake Michigan College.

Millage rates are things that don't always get the most attention, but they can affect you and your pocketbook.

Lake Michigan College is putting in their first request in two decades on the ballot. The proposal is 10 years, with a property tax increase of $24 dollars per year for a home worth $100,000 dollars. 

Where does that money go? The college's president, Dr. Bob Harrison, says it would generate $40 million dollars for improvements to safety and security, infrastructure, and heating and cooling for the college. He calls it an investment in the communities future.

"This really is about the local economy," said Harrison. "And the preparation of the local workforce for jobs that are available today as well as those that are going to be available in the next five to ten years."

It's an issue that voters here will have a say in on Election Day in November.

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