Voting Begins for Final Round of 'Coolest Thing Made in Indiana' Tournament

INDIANAPOLIS — On Monday, the Indiana Chamber announced Hoosier Racing Tire and Hard Truth Distilling Company as the two finalists in its third annual 'Coolest Thing Made in Indiana' competition, and the final round of voting has begun.

The contest started with 47 competitors before being formatted into a 32-team bracket. Voting began on Oct. 27 and, according to the Indian Chamber, the most recent round saw thousands of votes cast between Nov. 20-24.

Blue Fox Farms LLC, of Wawaka, and Seymour-based Guardian Bikes were recently defeated in the semifinal round by Hoosier Racing Tire out of Plymouth and Hard Truth Distilling Company (Nashville, IN), respectively.

Both Hard Truth and Hoosier Tire have done well in previous years' tournaments with Hard Truth making it to the quarterfinals last year, but neither has brought home the crown.

Hard Truth is in the competition with its Hard Truth Maple Bourbon Cream, and Hoosier Racing Tire rolls into the finals showcasing its world-renowned racing tires.

All rounds of the tournament, including the finals, are determined through public voting, with the product receiving the highest vote tally taking home the coveted title of 'Coolest Thing Made in Indiana.'

Voting for the championship round opened on Monday morning and will end Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. Each member of the public gets one vote.

"With the beginning of each new round – including the championship matchup, the votes from the previous round are cleared, and each remaining competitor starts the new round with no votes," the Indiana Chamber stated in a release. "The winner of the contest will be announced December 13 at the Indiana Chamber’s 2023 Best IN Manufacturing Awards Luncheon."

To participate, a company did not need to be headquartered in Indiana, but the product entered must be manufactured in the state. Companies are limited to having one product nominated for entry.

Janus Motorcycles of Goshen won the first competition in 2021, and Leesburg-based Maple Leaf Farms won last year for its roast half duck.

Semifinal round winners as well as the entire tournament draw can be seen and votes for the championship can be cast at the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana web site.

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