W-2 scam at Patrick Industries

Elkhart Police are investigating a company wide phishing scam affecting employees working for Patrick Industries.

Just last week, ABC 57 reported a similar scan affecting thousands of employees working for Scotty’s Brewhouse and now employees at Patrick Industries are dealing with the same thing.

According to Northern Indiana’s Better Business Bureau, the W2 phishing scam has cybercriminals disguising emails, making them look like they’re from an organization executive.

 In the case of Patrick Industries, police say a scammer, pretending to be the company’s CEO, requested employee W2’s.

The forms were sent to fraudulent accounts and now police are asking affected employees to keep this in mind:

Monitor your credit, look for new things they have not agreed to, and contact local law enforcement if unusual activity is observed.

In response, Patrick Industries is offering a year’s worth of free credit monitoring.

The IRS reports this one of the most dangerous email phishing scams seen in a long time. 

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