Waiting for more (slow) storms...

The current weather set-up puts us in a pattern of storms developing under an area of high pressure. Usually high pressure areas act as an inhibitor to storm development, however our air-mass is fairly warm and humid and so we have the ingredients to fire-up storms, we just have to wait for a trigger since high pressure will do little to aid theses storms.

The images above shows the storm set-up for Today and Tuesday. The warm and cold fronts will both act as triggers to launch the storms in this muggy air-mass. However as these storms develop and move they will often move fairly slow and gradually become unorganized as high pressure does little to steer or aid the storms in development.

So this evening into most of Tuesday expect bands of slow moving thunderstorms similar to Sunday that will bring heavy rain to some areas. As the cold front (blue) moves closer Tuesday we could see one final organized line of storms before cooler and drier ( storm free) air moves in.

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