Walkerton and North Liberty give incentives for business owners


If you’re thinking about starting a business or looking to expand, the towns of North Liberty and Walkerton want to welcome you.

The Southwest St. Joseph County Economic Development Initiative is working to incentive business owners to set up shop in town.

Both towns have growing populations.

Town leaders want to see the trend continue and improve the quality of life for current residents.

Build a life, build a business is the motto.

“We’ve got a lot of opportunity,” said Walkerton Economic Director Phil Buckmaster.

“People want to get out of the big cities and into the bedroom communities,” added North Liberty Clerk Treasurer Vicki Kitchen.

Town leaders in North Liberty and Walkerton want those people to come here.

“We have nice safe communities, great school corporation. We have a lot of things to offer in these two communities. And whatever works in one helps the other one,” said Buckmaster said.

So they are starting a campaign to promote their area.

“Walkerton and North Liberty came up with a list of what we have to offer in the two communities as initiatives for somebody to come to town,” Kitchen explained.

In Walkerton, residents would see tax abatements, redevelopment funds TIF, and utility options.

In North Liberty, façade grants for existing and new businesses, tourism, and regional marketing.

So what businesses are they looking for?

“Well North Liberty would like a grocery store,” said Kitchen.

They want to attract more restaurants and cafes and fill up empty store fronts.

Walkerton is looking for internet based companies, and more specialized health care professionals, like an eye doctor for example.

They said they can’t say enough good things about their community.

You just need to come experience it for yourself.

“We are centrally located. In any direction you go. We’re 15 minutes to La Porte, to South Bend, Plymouth,” Kitchen said.

“We have a lot of good things happening in both communities with expansion and housing expansion and the likes. And by doing so we felt it was important we promote our area,” added Buckmaster.

To learn more about the business incentives click here or go to southwestsjcounty.com.

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