Walorski says there's 'A Better Way' to combat poverty

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski joined House Speaker Paul Ryan and House of Help City of Hope Chief Executive Officer Bishop Shirley Holloway Tuesday to announce a new policy agenda, A Better Way.

The 35 page paper makes policy recommendations to help Americans break free from welfare assistance.

Congresswoman Walorski says that even the folks who receive benefits are aware it's a trap.

“We've heard and are hearing, first hand from people, that are really trapped in what's called a fiscal cliff. Instead of celebrating and being happy about a promotion or the next job or the next run out of poverty, they're full of anxiety because there is a ceiling that keeps them down,” comments Walorski.

The paper highlights key areas for improvement which include:

  • Rewarding work
  • Tailoring benefits to people's needs
  • Improving skills and schools
  • Planning and saving for the future
  • And demanding results of welfare recipients

Given that nearly 15 percent of Americans are reported to be below the poverty line, Congresswoman Walorski says it's obvious what needs to be done.

“It was an honor to join Speaker Ryan and my colleagues to visit Bishop Holloway and see firsthand the difference people like her make in this country. We talk a lot about breaking the cycle of poverty, and this policy agenda is a way to put those words into action. It’s time to build a bridge out of poverty so everyone, no matter where they start, has a chance to reach the American Dream.”

The Congresswoman says she's proud to be a supporter of A Better Way's agenda.

Read the full paper here.

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