Warm, chilly or cold; It all depends on you

The feeling of "cold" temperatures is subjective. It depends on personal traits, and that is why some people may feel that mid-60 degree temperatures are cold while others find it comfortable.

First of all, it is dependent on your body. If you have more surface area – maybe by being tall or a woman —there is more space for heat to escape. However, a couple of other factors also play a role in that. Having a larger layer of fat under the skin can insulate the body, keeping it warmer. Having more muscle mass also keeps the body warmer, because muscle generates heat as it is used.

Gender can also affect how you feel temperatures. For females, body temperature changes with hormones, and for men, higher testosterone can make men less sensitive to the cold.

Age plays a role too. For anyone over 60 years old, the body does not conserve heat or sense the cold as well, and seniors do not shiver until the temperature is lower, so the body does not warm up as quick.

Therefore, when we start showing our "what to wear forecasts", of course this is just a suggestions as everyone is different.

This article is based off of information by  in an article by Medical News Today.

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