Warm day draws crowds to beach

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- Hundreds of anglers, photographers and beachgoers made their way to Tiscornia Park Friday. Many of them wanted to take advantage of the warm weather before it changes.

It's March, but it felt more like summer Friday at Tiscornia Park.

Waves crashed against the shore, and lines jingled as fish teased anglers like Skyler Alsup.

"We've been fishing here for about 45 minutes, and still haven't had any bites," Alsup said.

But despite the lack of bites, visitors still found ways to have fun.

"This is more fun than I thought it'd be," Hannah Zeis, a visitor from Ohio, said. "Because I thought it was just going to be a beach."

She was out checking the frozen lighthouse, or what was left of the ice.

Some visited the beach for the very first time.

"Haven't seen sandy beaches like this," Joe Lally, who recently moved to Michigan, said. "The lake is just fantastic."

But Friday's weather could fly by night, forcing unlucky anglers to enjoy the sun if nothing else.

"When you come out here, you can't expect to catch fish," Travis Bates, who's visiting from three hours away, said. "That's why it's called fishing, and not catching."

"I can't wait for the summer to get here," Alsup said. "I can't complain too much, but I'm definitely tired of the cold weather."

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