Warm weather stretch shatters November temperature records in South Bend

Guns N' Roses obviously did not have South Bend's weather forecast in mind when they wrote the classic, "November Rain." 

For one, it's been very dry so far this month. Mainly, however, it's been the fact that only use of the word "cold" is to describe the temperature of the ice cream that's suddenly an appropriate seasonal treat.

Five out of the first nine days of November 2020 have featured high temperatures in the 70s.

With these five days, we are tied for the record of most November 70s (most recently set in 1999). After November 10, 2020 will end up breaking this record. The forecast high temperature for the 10th is 76 degrees, which means 2020 will end with six 70 degree days.

Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th have been record-breakers. The twin 77 degree high temperatures broke the daily records set back in 1931 and 1999, respectively. However, they also finished as two of the top-ten warmest November temperatures ever recorded in South Bend. 

We'll likely break more records on Tuesday as highs climb once again into the middle 70s.

It will be the first time in recorded history that three consecutive days of 75-degree heat occur in November. 

Temperatures will return to more seasonal territory on Wednesday. 

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