Warmer temperatures bring a longer allergy season

Keep those tissues handy! With those the warmer temperatures come a longer allergy season!

Of course, there are over the counter medications like Claratin and Benadryl.

There are also home remedies like locally-farmed raw, unpasteurized honey, a ‘netty pot’ for sinus irrigation, and you can also shower at night so you don't sleep with pollen in your hair.

Other tips for the allergy-prone include:

  • Don't hang your laundry to dry. If you do this outside, it can collect pollen. If you do this inside, it may collect dust.
  • Keep your home clean, but don't overdo it! Sometimes sweeping frequently can kick dust and pollen up into the air. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter or try wet-dusting to minimize this.
  • Try not to open your doors and windows on high pollen count days. Instead, let your central air system filter the air. Remember to change air filters regularly.
  • You can use additional air filtration machines in rooms of the house where you sleep or spend extended periods of time.

When all else fails, just remember, at least it's not winter any more!

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