Warning out about door-to-door salesman in Niles

NILES, Mich. -- A door-to-door salesman from Wisconsin has been in Niles this week selling spots to area businesses for a promotional map. Information is now coming out that's making his customers wish they never paid him money.

Ed Zapanski, owner of 'Fun Treasure Maps' is promising delivery of the promotional product in April.
According to media reports, Wisconsin's Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Zapanski for collecting money and not delivering the product. Niles police say they've been in contact with police in Illinois who are also looking into allegations against Zapanski.
Niles police say since Zapanski promised maps in April, he hasn't broken any laws in Michigan. 
"They're cool, little maps. It looks like something, if it gets passed around and people get on to it, it's a 'Hey let’s try this place," says Doug Beckwith with 'Food by Karen' a Niles catering business. "You give us so much money, we'll put your name on the map," he says, describing Zapanski's pitch.
Beckwith's mother paid the $150 to put 'Food by Karen' on Zapanski's map. Monday, Beckwith learned about Zapanski's past and admits he wishes they didn't spend that money.
“It was a really good idea. It had really cute cartoons on it. It had street names.” says Jennifer Duncan. Duncan's grandmother owns 'Duncan's Kozy Kitchen' in Niles. Zapanski tried to sell a spot to the restaurant Saturday. “It just didn’t seem right,” says Duncan.
Duncan researched ‘Fun Treasure Maps’ and found reports about the lawsuit filed in Wisconsin. She talked her grandmother out of writing the check.
Now Duncan is warning other businesses. “I’ve pretty much called lots of different places and said ‘Hey it’s fishy, know what you’re getting into before you write him a check or worse, give him cash,'” says Duncan.
The Niles Police Department says they’re monitoring the situation. Zapanski did not return calls to ABC 57 News regarding this story.

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