Warrior workout at Notre Dame aims to empower veterans

Notre Dame opened up one of their gym facilities to over 30 men and women looking to take part in a warrior workout.

Whether to progress mentally or physically-

“For me I think it’s all about the confidence, you know so you’re in here you’re doing stuff, you’re getting active you’re interacting with people,” said Joe Weismantel.

These warriors are working to overcome service-related injuries.

“We’re just showing them that although they have those injuries, they have a new normal now. So it doesn’t mean you can’t do something, you just gotta do it a little bit differently,” said Samantha Eldridge, the Physical Health and Wellness Coordinator for Wounded Warrior Project.

The Wounded Warriors Project is a non-profit organization helping to honor and empower recovering warriors.

“They were starting to see tons of troops coming back from overseas with injuries and so they really felt the need to support these guys who were coming back in any way that they could,” said Eldridge.

They teamed up with Notre Dame athletic coaches to host a warrior workout Monday at the Joyce Center.

“Events like this is hopefully a good kick start back into the fitness world,” said Eldridge.

Their goal with this event is to help veterans in their recovery process as they continue to transition into their normal lives.

“People of all different categories and different injuries and different situations are making it through and are progressing and doing better and working with each other and not just kind of going quiet into the night,” said John Iversen.

“You know, you’ve got world class athletes being trained by these folks so they’re teaching us some really good stuff,” said Weismantel.

If you’re a veteran looking to attend one of the upcoming events-

“We have 20 different programs and they’re all free to our veterans and service members.” said Eldridge.

You can find out more information about their programs by clicking here. 

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