Warsaw couple hosts drive in wedding

NOW: Warsaw couple hosts drive in wedding

WARSAW, Ind.--- A Warsaw couple hosted a drive in wedding on Saturday. Oliver and Alyssa Jarrett got married inside of Warsaw New Harvest Church of the Nazarene, while friends and family watched from their cars.

The Jarrets say their parents came up with idea two weeks before the couple's big day.

"My wife decided for a jumbotron," said Jeff Seaver, Alyssa's father. "I thought she was crazy. I didn’t think there was anyway it could happen."

After several phone calls and intense planning, the couple were able to get married in the church with a live feed playing the ceremony on a giant screen outside. 

"I’m happy that this worked out," said Oliver Jarrett. "Honestly it was better than our previous plans were. It’s just better."

Alyssa and Oliver say they couldn't imagine their wedding day going any other way. The couple had just one message for anyone else thinking of getting married during the pandemic. 

"I would just encourage people, if you’re getting married and you have something planned, just figure it out," said Alyssa Jarrett. "Don’t wait. Don’t wait."

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