Watch out for black ice in Benton Harbor

A big concern for drivers in Benton Harbor is the ice on the ground, specifically black ice on the roads. 

Because of the freezing cold, there are still spots throughout the city that are slippery. 

"This morning it was really slick on I-94," said Dave Carlock, a resident of Benton Harbor. "I've got a 4 wheel drive vehicle and I noticed it was pretty bad going over the bridges."

Those bridges can be treacherous. Use caution.

Winter weather is nothing new for people in Michigan. 

"I basically complain a lot," said Carlock. "That's the first step for preparing for winter weather in Michigan."

Be careful when going through roundabouts. The black ice could catch you off guard. And prepare for chilly temperatures. 

"Bundle up," said resident David Brown. "And keep some supplies in your car in case you slip off the road."

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