WATCH: Texas House explosion captured on dashcam video

WATCH: Texas House explosion captured on dashcam video

Video courtesy Hurst Police Department

HURST, Texas. – A fiery home explosion that left three people in the hospital and two police officers injured was captured on dashcam video and released Wednesday afternoon.

The video posted to Facebook shows Hurst Police Officers arriving at the scene and walking up to the residence. Just seconds later, the home erupts into a massive fireball.

Police say the explosion was so powerful, the roof was lifted from the structure.

Three people were trapped in the destroyed home. A woman was buried in the rubble and suffered severe injuries while her husband and adult son were burned in the fire. All three victims were taken to a nearby hospital and are expected to survive. 

According to Hurst Police, officers originally responded to a call from the homeowners who said a vehicle had just crashed into their home.

The victims were trapped in a bedroom.

Officials say the explosion was due to the accumulation of natural gas inside the home caused by the crash as the primary gas line was severed.

The 30-year-old driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene.

Two officers were injured during the explosion and while trying to rescue the victims.

This incident happened on April 7.

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