Watch the Chicago White Sox on WMYS

You can watch WMYS, My Michiana, over the air on Channel 69.1. If you have cable or satellite, you can find My Michiana on the following channels:

AT&T Uverse 69Comcast 15/HD 194
DISH Network 69LightStream 28/28.1
Mediacom 17/HD717RTC 53/HD 353


3/103p-6pWhite Sox @ Chicago Cubs (preseason)WMYS
3/317p-10pWhite Sox @ Kansas CityWMYS
4/12p-5pWhite Sox @ Kansas CityWMYS
4/27p-10pWhite Sox @ TorontoWMYS
4/98p-11pWhite Sox v. Tampa BayWMYS
4/142p-5pWhite Sox @ MinnesotaWMYS
4/1710p-1aWhite Sox @ OaklandWMYS
4/217p-10pWhite Sox v. HoustonWMYS
4/222p-5pWhite Sox v. HoustonWMYS
4/281p-4pWhite Sox @ Kansas CityWMYS
4/287p-10pWhite Sox @ Kansas CityWMYS
4/292p-5pWhite Sox @ Kansas CityWMYS
5/21p-4pWhite Sox @ St. LouisWMYS
5/57p-10pWhite Sox v. MinnesotaWMYS
5/88p-11pWhite Sox v. PittsburghWMYS
5/202p-5pWhite Sox v. TexasWMYS
5/242p-5pWhite Sox v. BaltimoreWMYS
5/257p-10pWhite Sox @ DetroitWMYS
5/284p-7pWhite Sox @ ClevelandWMYS
6/71p-4pWhite Sox @ MinnesotaWMYS
6/87p-10pWhite Sox @ BostonWMYS
6/128p-11pWhite Sox v. ClevelandWMYS
6/172p-5pWhite Sox v. DetroitWMYS
6/242p-5pWhite Sox v. OaklandWMYS
6/282p-5pWhite Sox v. MinnesotaWMYS
6/298p-11pWhite Sox @ TexasWMYS
7/37p-10pWhite Sox @ CincinnatiWMYS
7/7330p-7pWhite Sox @ HoustonWMYS
7/138p-11pWhite Sox v. Kansas CityWMYS
7/2010p-1aWhite Sox @ SeattleWMYS
7/224p-7pWhite Sox @ SeattleWMYS
7/264p-7pWhite Sox @ LA AngelsWMYS
7/287p-10pWhite Sox v. TorontoWMYS
7/318p-11pWhite Sox v. Kansas CityWMYS
8/4530p-9pWhite Sox @ Tampa BayWMYS
8/78p-11pWhite Sox v. NY YankeesWMYS
8/122p-5pWhite Sox v. ClevelandWMYS
8/147p-10pWhite Sox @ DetroitWMYS
8/178p-11pWhite Sox v. Kansas CityWMYS
8/218p-11pWhite Sox v. MinnesotaWMYS
8/231p-4pWhite Sox @ DetroitWMYS
8/277p-10pWhite Sox @ NY YankeesWMYS
9/17p-10pWhite Sox v. BostonWMYS
9/48p-11pWhite Sox v. DetroitWMYS
9/92p-5pWhite Sox v. LA AngelsWMYS
9/108p-11pWhite Sox @ Kansas CityWMYS
9/157p-10pWhite Sox @ BaltimoreWMYS
9/197p-10pWhite Sox @ ClevelandWMYS
9/248p-11pWhite Sox v. ClevelandWMYS
9/30230p-6pWhite Sox @ MinnesotaWMYS


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