Welcoming Breanne Palmerini to ABC 57 News

NOW: Welcoming Breanne Palmerini to ABC 57 News

ABC 57’s Brian Conybeare welcomed his new evening co-anchor on Monday, Breanne Palmerini.

Breanne is an Emmy Award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience. She moved to tell Michiana’s stories from Detroit.

A great place to get to know the new anchor is in the barn with her best friend, Robby.

Robby is a retired Thoroughbred horse who is suffering from a bad spill from last fall.

Breanne and Robby are forced to walking-only activities because of his injury, which is tough because she claims, “He was born to race.”

Breanne started riding horses as a seven-year-old and has become a successful equestrian competitor.

The natural news woman even wears a camera on her safety helmet.

Even though Breanne is an animal lover, she has a natural act for journalism.

Breanne majored in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Missouri, but her love for writing started long before that.

“When I was a kid I started the Palmerini Post News. It affected the Palmerini household from the dogs to the cats to what kind of things we wanted for Christmas." The new anchor, shared.

Brian and Breanne shared the importance of story-telling and what their role is standing in front of the camera.

“I think the most important stories are the stories that make people think or feel; and getting that emotional response from people who might otherwise not have cared about a situation.”

Breanne has lived in several states telling stories, but hopes to make Michiana her home. The exact thing that brought her co-anchor back to the area.

Welcome to the ABC 57 team, Breanne!

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