West Side church reacts to shooting

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--The shooting happened at the corner of Wilber and Humboldt streets on South Bend's west side. An unknown suspect shot 44-year old Ernest Clark while he was riding his moped down the street.

It happened directly across Muessel Grove Park. Police arrived on the scene just before 11 p.m. Friday night. Cops blocked off the entire area as they searched for the suspect.

Members at the nearby church say they're tired of the negative publicity these shootings bring to the neighborhood.

"Instead of always sharing something bad, yeah tragedy happens in this community, but if we be real about it- tragedy happens everywhere," said Pastor Darryl Murdock, Faith Deliverance Center Ministry.


That's why neighbors are actively trying to show love in hopes people will focus more on the good than the bad


"People need to see something positive actually being done," said Oliver Hester, servant, Faith Deliverance Center Ministry.


Hester's working to teach his kids to interact with the community in a positive way.


"I want to teach them to be a part of something positive," said Hester. "That they see a parent actually doing something then maybe they can remember that as they grow up."


The area pastor both lives and does ministry on the west side to give hope to those that may feel surrounded by violence.


"Everybody that you see in a community like this- they don't want to be in the condition that they're in- they want change. but don't if nobody try to show them a way out-then it won't happen," said Murdock.

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