Western Manor residents organizing tenant association

NOW: Western Manor residents organizing tenant association

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Residents at Western Manor are taking steps in their effort to improve conditions at Western Apartments in South Bend. 

The newly formed Western Manor hosted another meeting Thursday evening with residents and local organizations to discuss how move forward in their effort. 

“My goal is to get you safely housed so that way you’re not vulnerable to the elements of being homeless,” Western Manor resident Shacarra Lloyd said. 

The ongoing issue is Western Manor under new management raised the rent for tenants in some cases by over 40 percent which many residents said they can’t afford and the substandard living conditions in many units. 

The University of Notre Dame Clinical Law Center is assisting many residents who are choosing to move and helping residents find funding to catch up on their newly increased rent. 

“There’s been some movement we got some folks resettled we’ve also been able to work with Western Manor to help some people get caught on their rent,” University of Notre Dame Law Professor Judy Fox said. 

Fox said the ultimate goal is to help tenants improve their situation. 

“I would like tenants to understand what their rights are and I would like tenants to have more rights,” Fox said. 

The next Western Manor Tenant Association meeting will be held October 3rd. 

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