Westville prisoner still on the loose, community confident he'll be found

NOW: Westville prisoner still on the loose, community confident he’ll be found

The search for an escaped Westville Correctional Facility inmate continues more than 24 hours after Orville Morris was determined to be missing.  The community of Westville is not too concerned for their safety, and is confident Morris will be located soon.

Morris has an extensive criminal history.  He was serving time for a robbery, after he finished a prior sentence for theft and receiving stolen property. 

He was set to start serving an additional sentence for burglary in August.

Morris is described as a white male, approximately 5’9” at 210 pounds. He has green eyes and light brown hair. He was last seen wearing a green jumpsuit. 

Morris has a skull tattoo with a five point crown on his upper right arm. He also has the initials K.N.M on the left side of his neck and J.M tattooed on his left hand.

Law enforcement has implemented the use of helicopters and K-9's while trying to find him nearby.  But, they are continuing to search for him inside the prison, which consists of 60 different buildings. 

The Town of Westville, a population of just over five thousand, isn't too worried that a convict is on the loos.

"We're know they're going to get him. I mean, it'll take a little time, but they tend to catch them," says Sara Knight, a town resident. 

Knight, like so many others, was enjoying her Friday afternoon with her children at a neighborhood ball park when she heard what happened, just down the road from them.

"Within five minutes of seeing the story on Facebook, a Westville officer came over and let us know a convict has escaped and showed us a picture in case we saw him," she recalls.

But Knight has an insight not many others have. She's been inside the jail and knows just how secure it really is.

"With a criminal justice class, one of my professors took us on a tour of the prison," she says. "The security is fine. We couldn't get through anywhere. Someone had to escort us everywhere we went."

Knight has immense faith that Morris will be caught soon, with the help of law enforcement and the community working together.

"As long as the community stays diligent in looking for him as well, he'll get caught," she says. "I have faith that the officers are out there scouring, looking for him. They'll find him."

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Indiana State Police.

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