What to do in an active shooter situation

It's something you pray never happens, but unfortunately active shooter situations are a reality you have to be prepared for. 

Your first reaction may be to panic or even run. But Corporal Rod Laureys with the ATF says you should keep in mind your surroundings.

"Get information," said Laureys. "Information is going to help you survive."

Be alert to what's around. Including your exits.

"You have to figure out what's your best avenue of escape," said Laureys. "Going out this way, going out that way to the doors. If it's a terrorist attack, they may have it staged where they are coming through the doors at the same time."

That means sometimes you have to create your own avenues. 

"The best thing you can do is get out," said Laureys. "If that means blow a hole through the window with a chair, climb through the window, that's what you have to do."

Running isn't always an option. That means using desks or any sort of shelter you can that is low to the ground to get out of the line of fire.

"Under a desk, if they can climb clear up underneath there, even pull the trash can in front of them down there to kind of hide their position. If that bad guy comes this way and he's looking for targets he may not see them."

If you're in a room or office, Laureys says to close the door and lock it. And again - use what's around you to your advantage.

And he says having a plan in place is a must – that’s step two.

"There is nothing wrong with taking a few minutes and doing a brief rehearsal and just practice a little bit."

Ultimately, if the situation presents itself, be ready to fight. Your life, or a loved ones, could depend on it.

"You have to be able to act on that plan. You wouldn't hurt a human being but if your son’s going to be beaten or shot I guarantee you you're going to step up and take care of the problem."

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