White Christmas chances are low for Michiana this year

NOW: White Christmas chances are low for Michiana this year

Two weeks out from Christmas Day, Michiana's prospects of a storybook "white Christmas" are low.

Historically, the chance of having an inch or more of snow on the ground on Christmas morning (the technical definition of "white Christmas") in South Bend is just under 60 percent. For snow on Christmas Day, those odds dip closer to 40 percent. 

However, this year, with the climate pattern "El Niño" calling the shots this winter, the cards are stacked against us. Leading up to Christmas, the Climate Prediction Center has much of the Midwest as warmer than normal AND less snowy than normal. 

Additionally, long-range forecast models barely bring any measurable snow to Michiana over the next two weeks.

Combining all these factors, we are setting the chance of a white Christmas in Michiana this year at a paltry 15 percent!

However, it only takes a little holiday magic (and a cold snap) to turn things around, so the First Warning Neighborhood Weather Team will keep you updated leading up to the holiday. 


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