White out conditions causes accidents

White out conditions all across Michiana led to many problems on the toll road Saturday.

Some places in South Bend had visibility of only about a quarter of a mile and in other places it was even worse.

Traffic was detoured on the US-20 bypass at the toll road exit because of a tractor trailer accident.

South Bend Police Officer Nick Zarate was on the scene of this accident to help with traffic.

“We've got a semi that missed its turn. It almost ran into a bunch of cars, so it swerved to avoid the cars and it went off into the ditch and now it's partially blocking the lane," said Zarate.

He says these white out conditions can be very dangerous not only for people involved but the officers on the scene as well.

“I'm nervous for my other officer here who's trying to block for the tow truck to get it out of here,” Zarate said.

He advised that if people do not have to go out on the roads, stay inside unless it is an absolute emergency.

In all Saturday there were 10 crashes on the toll road that involved serious bodily injuries.

There were 12 crashes that caused property damage to the vehicle but not to the person, and 37 slide offs.

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