Wind gusts cause heavy damage in Cassopolis neighborhood

NOW: Wind gusts cause heavy damage in Cassopolis neighborhood

CASSOPOLIS, Mich. — The weekend storm system left some places in Michiana untouched and others completely devastated. 

On Cara Avenue in Cassopolis near Diamond Lake, trees were uprooted, cars smashed, and power lines brought down. Homeowners, like Kathy Atkins, got a clear view of the storm system’s damage on Sunday. 

“You know, you just look around and say ‘Man, what happened,’” said Atkins. 

Atkins’ home suffered minor damages to the roof and gutter. She even suffered a minor injury on her face after a tree limb hit her.

“Thank you, God, it didn’t knock me out,” she said. “It didn’t hit me on the head.”

Atkins had to be taken to the emergency room and receive stitches for the gash the limb left. 

The storm system continued to Sunday for most of the day. It traveled from Mishawaka to Edwardsburg and into Cassopolis. 

However, the mess left on Cara Ave. was made on Saturday from a wind-gust front, which moved through the area before the thunderstorms. 

“The winds were very strong,” said Atkins. “It came in really fast and it actually left pretty fast.”

The Cassopolis Fire Department, Cassopolis Police Department, and Cass County Sheriff’s Department were unavailable to comment on the storm’s damage. Atkins said she doesn’t believe anyone suffered major injuries. 

Atkins said after Saturday’s freak winds she’ll pay more attention to storms heading her way. 

“It just it shakes you,” she said. “As I said I’ve always you know enjoyed watching storms, but even this one today that was starting to come up I was a little afraid.”

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