Wind takes toll on trucks

SOUTH BEND – On Friday it  wasn’t just rain that rolled into Michiana, but winds. So much wind that the Indiana Toll Road issued a wind ban on trucks that have two or three trailers.

Truck drivers testified that it was rough on the roads. "Real windy, blowing you all over the place,” said truck driver Bob Harlan.
Harlan had just dropped off his load in Elkhart and stopped to get gas in South Bend. He was heading back to Chicago and was happy he’d lightened his load for the windy drive.
"A lot easier. Guys with these big van trailers, they get into all kinds of problems and the guys with doubles and triples I don't even think they're letting them out there today as bad as it is,” said Harlan.
And Harlan was of course right about the really big trucks, but ABC 57 still saw quite a few of them on the road.
Many truck drivers said no matter what the weight limit is, you just have to be careful when the winds are that strong.
"Just be careful out there and keep an eye out for each other,” said Tom Zink.
The wind ban was lifted at 2 p.m. on Friday.
Winds registered at the South Bend Regional Airport at 42 mph.

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