Windy tonight, blustery and much colder Wednesday

NOW: Windy tonight, blustery and much colder Wednesday

Strong wind gusts Tuesday evening up to 50 mph are possible, the strongest occurring just before midnight with the cold front. There will also be a line of showers before temperatures drop. 

Wednesday is cold and windy, as temperatures struggle to break the freezing mark, the wind chill will be in the lower 20s. There could be a snow flurry but the impact in nominal. The cold lasts through Thursday before temperatures rise again Friday ahead of the next weather-maker, Saturday. Saturday a quick bout of rain and wind clears quickly. There's the chance for more wintry weather early next week. 

Tonight: Rainy and windy. Few isolated storms are possible. Low 30.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy and windy. High 32.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 36.
Friday: Partly cloudy. High 50.

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