Frigid temperatures continue to impact local wineries

NOW: Frigid temperatures continue to impact local wineries

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – April’s frigid, frosty conditions are a concern for local farmers. Many crops, bloomed early due to what felt like an early spring.  

“Well, we are sweating it out a little bit. Typically, we are expecting cold temperatures this time of year, but the early Spring weather has moved crops ahead,” says Glen Greiffendorf, Winemaker and Production Manager of 12 Corners Vineyards.  

Located in Southwest Michigan, 12 Corners has been serving their specialty wines for 9 years. Every year, there are expected to be some challenges. Typically, frosty conditions damage 5% - 10% of their grapes. Crops that are dormant can withstand frigid conditions.

“It is the weather for sure, mother nature is changing one a regular basis, and if we make it through the cold winters and frosty spring then we also have the summer where it is too rainy or not rainy enough,” says Greiffendorf.  

You can find further information about 12 Corners here.

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