Winter storm floods the south during peak holiday travel

NOW: Winter storm floods the south during peak holiday travel

The same system that has been bringing Michiana rain and now a chance for snow on Saturday, has been causing major flooding across the south right in the midst of the holidays.

In Mississippi and Louisiana cars were submerged and roads were impassable. This is obviously not ideal for the post-Christmas travelers. One woman said she tried to drive under a bridge and next thing she knew her car was floating away. There were also there tornadoes in Louisiana.

Thursday to Friday Rainfall
Thursday to Friday Rainfall

The system kept moving northeast on Friday, bringing over five inches of rain to southern Louisiana,  Mississippi,  Alabama and North Carolina, and the system has prompted flood warnings all the way up the to New Jersey. Travel issues will be a concern through Saturday and possibly into New Year’s week.

This system will move off of the Atlantic coast Saturday, but the south is not done with rain. Two more systems will through the southeast before and after New Year’s Day. This means more flooding potential, possibly record rainfall, and continuing travel issues.

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