Winter weather keeping roadside crews busy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The weather can be rough for drivers but what about those on the road all night that come to your rescue when your car breaks down.

One AAA worker said he has been busy all overnight traveling to South Bend and Elkhart to help several people. He expected calls to keep coming throughout the morning.

Shawn McQueen tows for AAA and said it is normal for AAA to get more calls when it is cold out compared to when it is warm. 

He also said that some older cars had have trouble starting in the cold weather.

Also, for a variety of other reasons they get more calls for cars to be towed.

AAA offered some winter weather tips.

First, make sure you can see out of your windows and mirrors to avoid anything that might pop your tires.

Also, keep your tires properly inflated and check them throughout the winter to make sure they are filled up.

Another tip from AAA is to keep your gas tank at least half-full to keep the gas line from freezing up.

ABC57 also checked in with local police departments. So far they have reported no major problems on the roadways.

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