Wisconsin may be a tough opponent for undefeated Notre Dame

Notre Dame's Shamrock Series continues Saturday with their game against Wisconsin at Soldier Field. Undefeated Notre Dame is coming in as the underdog in the game against the Badgers.

Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly said earlier this week that the Irish are going to need to play a complete game if they hope to walk away on Saturday with a win.

Only three games in, the Irish have had a rollercoaster of a season. Back to back nail bitters against Florida State and Toledo, then a convincing victory over Purdue last Saturday.

Wisconsin is by far the Irish’s toughest opponent so far this season.

Coach Kelly says Notre Dame will need to be on its a-game if they hope to move to 4 and 0.

“They’re consistent, they’re physical, they’re smart. Now I said this on Monday and I'll say it again they play to their traits and we’ll have to do the same. I mean look, they beat more talented teams because their sum is greater than their parts, and that is a testament to who they are, how they’re coached, playing to a system," Coach Kelly said.

Wisconsin is 1-1 for the season. They lost in week one against Penn State.

Linebacker Drew White addressed how the defense has improved since week one, and that this defensive unit has the potential to be one of the best in the country if the issues at hand are fixed while executing the game plan each week.

“We have the potential to be the best defense and the best linebacker corps in the country. We’re not there, you saw it in our first game, first two games really. The mistakes and the little details, we’re getting those ironed out. And I think we saw a step forward in the right direction versus Purdue," White said.

The game against Wisconsin starts at noon on Saturday from Soldier Field.

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