Witness speaks out after DTSB shooting death

We are piecing together what exactly took place in last night's deadly downtown shooting. It happened on Main Street and Colfax in downtown South Bend. 69 year old Michael Young is now in the St. Joseph County jail on a preliminary murder charge. Now, a witness is detailing the chaotic scene. 

The victim has been identified as Markest Tyrone Flowers.

An autopsy has been done and it has been concluded he died from a gunshot wound to the head. 

A south bend woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety, says she was just enjoying a night out, taking in a local show at the Morris theater, when she witnessed the murder. 

"The guy was like on his heels. That's how close he was to him. Whatever transpired before they got into my vision, that kid was walking away."

The story the documents lay out lines up pretty well with what we have heard from people who were there when this took place.

According to witnesses in the court documents, Flowers was walking back and forth on the street. Young began following him. Then grabbed his backpack, spun him and, quote "without hesitation" shot flowers with a pistol. 

Young was taken into custody at the scene with two handguns in his possession. He admits to doing this, but says he was surprised the gun went off. This, despite going into detail about his knowledge of guns. Young claimed to investigators that Flowers threatened him. 

Young is being held without bond in the st. Joseph county jail on a murder charge. He is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday at 1pm.

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