Woman drives car into building on toll road

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – An accident just off of the IndianaToll Road sent one woman to the hospital after she drove her car into a building.

The woman and her daughter had stopped at the customer care center on 80-90 to ask for directions.

According to the state police, the driver appears to have hit the gas instead of the brake and drove her car right into the wall of the building.

Because of the circumstances and location of the crash, troopers are treating it as an accident and not an intentional attempt to harm anyone.

"It's one of the crazier ones I've had out here," said Trooper Nick Meade. "I'm gonna go to the hospital and check on the driver, make sure she's okay, and try to find out what exactly happened and how she managed to get her vehicle into the side of a building."

There has been no word on the extent of the driver's injuries. No one else was hurt in the accident.

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